Small, fine art works of fabric - each a single piece, with much attention to detail!!

Who I am

I am Sabine and I am moved from Austria to Sweden and live in Norrbotten now.

Besides my work and sports with my dogs, do I love to sew, as I love being creative. I enjoy the colorful colors and to give place to my ideas.



What I do

You are searching for a present, something very special for a special person? Than you surely find something here with me!


I sew small, fine artworks out of fabrics – each a single pince with much attention to detail. I like to design after your wishes and make your very own single piece!



Then I invide you to serach on my homepage.



Your Sabine from washGrizzly design



washGRIZZLY Design
Sabine Bernegger



I love what I do

Here you find unique and colorful things for your big and small dwarfs! I attach great importance to good fabric quality, so you will always see fabrics from well-known manufacturers such as Lillestoff, which produce organic substances.

If you need something as a gift urgently, please write to me as early as possible. I can not promise anything but I will give my best! Otherwise I ask for your patience, that every work of art also takes its time to be finished. The processing time can also be at 3 - 4 weeks after receipt of payment.


In case of complaints or if something is wrong with your piece, I would ask you to contact me. It can happen that a seam breaks.


The prices of the artpieces are determined by what you wish for the dwarfs. I make each part extra for you.

Payment is always made by cash, bank transfer or PayPal.

If you like something, just write me a message, then we can exchange about the prices.